Casino Streamers – Vegas LowRoller is an extremely enthusiastic player from America who shares his gambling adventures from land-based casinos in Las Vegas with his fans on platforms such as Youtube, Twitter and Patreon.


Vegas Lowroller is a true American by European standards. Or rather the cliché image that is evoked in many European people when we think of Americans. Literally everything he does, he does with extreme enthusiasm, and that is certainly reflected in his gambling videos. Every spin on a slot machine is literally welcomed with the necessary “oe’s” and “ah’s,” and when he gets a bonus he shouts it from the rooftops. For some his behavior might be very annoying, others love it. But, to me personally it seems quite fake and acted. For example, I often think: who the hell reacts this way when he wins a fucking dollar? He already starts bouncing through the casino when he sees a melon or pear appear on screen … really, I am not exaggerating.

But okay, one thing we can say for sure: Vegas Lowroller knows best how to entertain people! He is one of our favorite streamers and we recommend everyone to visit his channel.

Vegas Lowroller started his Youtube adventure in October 2011. So we can say that he has been around for quite a few years and that makes it one of the pioneers when it comes to casino streamers.

Streamer type

Vegas Lowroller gambles primarily in land-based casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada (the casino owners don’t always like this). He films his casino visits and uploads the content to his Youtube channel. What makes his videos even more special are the intros: he often films the outward journey, so from the car on the way to the casino. With this you immediately see a piece of the environment as well, and for those who don’t find it interesting can listen to the answers of his fan mail that he discusses during these short road trips.

In addition to Youtube, he is very active on Patreon, where you can become a member of special groups for a fee and watch exclusive gambling related videos and previews.

Low stakes

As his name actually says, Vegas Lowroller is – or better said: was – known for playing at low limits. That may sound strange, but it was a relief at the time to see someone playing with whom you could compare yourself. So no bets of ten, twenty or hundred euros per spin, but just a simple man who, just like you and me, has to play with pocket money.

Add to that his enthusiasm and interesting slot machine reviews and it is not surprising that he soon had thousands of followers. As the years went by, and probably his income via Youtube and Patreon had increased considerably, he could afford to increase his bets a little. Nowadays you can no longer speak of “lowroller” as he plays with two to five euros per spin as standard nowadays.

Waste race

Vegaslowroller is a man you can’t ignore. Both his enthusiasm and his appearance. He is very open about the latter. He has been struggling with his weight for years and last year proudly shared on Youtube how he had lost tens of kilos. And to be honest: compared to a few years ago, it looks fantastic. A world of difference. But then again the “American” comes around: the whole world must hear that everyone can achieve this with the right mindset (who cares? Everybody has problems…). But okay, it’s certainly a good thing for him personally!

Meet and Greet

Slotcon, it probably doesn’t ring a bell to you, but it’s a unique event that Vegas Lowroller regularly organizes in Las Vegas. What makes it so special you will think? Well, he offers his fans the opportunity to meet him in person while enjoying a snack and a drink. After the “meet and greet,” and the dinner part, you go with him and the rest of the fans to some casinos to end the evening gambling.

Although meet and greets are not very special, it is uncommon for casino streamers. Many prefer to remain as anonymous as possible. Fortunately, Vegas Lowroller is an exception to this. Not everyone will be enthusiastic about it, but we think this is a great initiative.

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