Casino Streamers – Sarah, better known as “Slotlady” is a Canadian casino streamer who posts new slot videos on her fast growing YouTube channel on a daily base.


This beautiful Canadian blonde was thrown into the world in 1993. In Toronto, Canada to be precise. We can’t really say much more about this 26-year-old YouTuber. And that’s how she likes it: Slotlady doesn’t like to share her private life. An interview with this mystic lady hasn’t been successful yet, but we keep on hoping…

Sarah started her YouTube channel in June 2017 and quickly placed herself into the spotlight. Not only her appearance played a role in this, but certainly also the fact that she was one of the few female casino streamers at the time.

Streamer type

Unlike many other streamers, Slotlady mainly posts pre-recorded videos on Youtube. Videos of her gambling adventures in real land based casinos. To my knowledge, she has not yet posted any video on her channel of online slots, so that in itself is exceptional.

In addition to the pre-recorded content, she also does live streams on YouTube.

One of her first videos:

Professional Youtuber

Although Slotlady is extremely popular and her videos are viewed millions of times, she also receives the necessary criticism. Not surprisingly, of course, every influencer, streamer or celebrity has that nowadays, but still it’s important to mention.

Besides the fact that she can come across as very “acted/fake,”  she has a somewhat monotonous voice. In addition, the lust for money is not always appreciated. She’s from Canada, but could be just like an American. She knows how to make optimum use of her beauty (which can cause irritation among the viewers), she shamelessly advertises for herself (memberships for her Youtube memberships, Patreon page, etc), sponsored tournaments, paid reviews, and she even has her own merchandise.

Nothing wrong with that of course, we all have to earn money. However, you notice more and more that viewers and fans want to see a certain restraint in this. Finally, the goal is to see nice casino movies. If it seems like it’s all about money, the fun goes away pretty quickly for most of us.

Photos of Slotlady Sarah

Wondering what this sexy casino streamer looks like? Below some nice snapshots. For more pictures you can visit Slotlady’s Instagram .

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