Casino Streamers – Kim, better known as “Lets Give it a Spin” is a very popular casino streamer and former professional poker player from Sweden. His sincere attitude and cheerful appearance makes him loved in the gambling community.


Kim is a friendly-looking casino streamer from central Sweden (Smålandsstenar) who loves everything that has to do with gambling. Playing online slots and online poker is one of his favorite pastimes. He started his streaming adventures in November 2015, although Kim was already known as a professional poker player before that time.

In the early years he and his friend Reggie posted slot videos on YouTube once or twice a week. As the years passed, Reggie took part less and less and nowadays the entire “Let’s Give it a Spin” brand is all about Kim.

Kim has concluded an affiliate deal with online casino Leo Vegas. This is also the reason why he always gambles at this particular gambling company and his promotions are always focused on games at this specific casino.

To date, we have not been able to arrange an interview with him, hence the information about this streamer is still scarce.

Streamer type

We personally like the introverted attitude of Let’s Give it a spin. Where other streamers tend to react too exuberantly, sometimes even acted, Kim comes across as very natural.

Both his live streams and the videos that he posts on his Youtube channel are mainly about playing online slots and live casino games. But what makes Let’s Give it a Spin unique are its vlogs about gambling. He regularly visits land-based casinos and gambling cities such as Las Vegas. He even makes video reports at gambling producers, which means he can offer his followers a unique look behind the scenes.

Questions and answers

Also nice are the YouTube sessions in which he handles and answers questions from fans and followers. Often a specific topic is discussed per session, such as questions and answers about a specific game provider.

Below you will find some very interesting videos:

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