Casino Streamers – jarttu84, is a gambler from Finland who we know from his now legendary “Hello YouTube!” pronunciations. At the time of writing, Jartuu is one of the most popular casino streamers of the moment.


This cheerful bearded Finnish guy has been active in the casino streaming industry for ages. Jarttu can be seen as a pioneer in the business and was already playing his first online games when multilotto was still a top casino. That casino is now blacklisted by many people because they regularly follow some shady practices. They appeared to have made deals with streamers such as Jarttu84, which they then gave fake casino money so that he could play on high stakes and thus promote both himself and Multilotto. Morally, a mortal sin in this world, especially the fake money part. This story still sticks to Jarttu84 today, even though it has never actually been proven that Jarttu was one of these “fake money” streamers.

What also doesn’t help is his gaming behavior. He plays with huge stakes and does not hesitate to play slots with 100 euros per spin. Something that of course hardly anyone in the world can sustain for a long time. This also ensures the necessary gossip in the gaming and gambling circuit.

In addition to slots, Jarttu84 also loves online poker. In the statistics that can be found online we can see that he has also invested a lot of money there. In that respect, we can conclude that he at least has a considerable budget at his disposal. Whether these are merits that come from casino streams or whether he is just a rich guy, we cannot say, so it remains a bit unclear whether his high bets on the slots are justifiable.

Furthermore, we actually know relatively little about this gentleman from Finland. But fake or not, we personally always like to watch his Youtube videos. In any case, he knows how to entertain his followers well and partly thanks to his now legendary “Hello Youtube!” and “voitto voitto (victory)” statements there is actually no one in the casino world who doesn’t know him. Just because of the latter, we already have the necessary admiration for him.

Streamer type

As already mentioned above, Jarttu84 is mainly known as a so-called highroller: someone who plays with high stakes. By default he plays with five to ten euros per spin, but with quite often he raises these bets to fifty or even hundred euros per spin. Almost bizarre, but it literally attracts crowded rooms … online, that is.

While most other streamers focus on online slots, Jarttu actually plays all possible gaming and gambling games. From poker and slots to popular shooting games, fantasy sports and action games, he seems to like it all.

Jarttu can mainly be found on Twitch and Youtube. A small difference compared to other streamers is that he doesn’t seem to have a strict streaming schedule. And yes, like the rest, he usually offers several live streams a week and posts two to five videos on YouTube a week as well, but it is also quite common that you suddenly hear nothing from him for a month. Perhaps he earns so much money that he doesn’t have to take everything that seriously anymore, or maybe he has other activities on the side … who knows, but at least it’s something we noticed.


Every streamer is looking for something unique to stand out from the rest. Jarttu tackles matters thoroughly in this regard. In addition to giving away the standard casino bonuses, he regularly organizes special events for his followers.

For example, an online poker tournament regularly takes place in which he himself also takes part. If you manage to throw him out of the game, you will receive a cash prize worth one hundred euros.

During his livestreams he often holds a “raffle,” in which his live followers have a chance to win a cash prize or a percentage of his winnings from the relevant gambling session.

Through his live streams on twitch, he sometimes distributes money to random streamers who are currently live. His followers may then decide who gets money and what he should say to those people. Usually a so-called “money train” is created, whereby the followers also jump in and suddenly the unknown person receives hundreds of random donations from people he doesn’t know. The reactions that follow can often be called epic.

All in all you can say that Jarttu84 knows what he is doing and he understands how to collect followers (“hello Youtube“) and what he has to do to keep the entertained.

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