Casino Streamers – The three Swedish brothers Mathias, Anton, and Erik Joelsson, better known as Casino Daddy, are busy building a true gambling empire. If we look at their popularity on social media, they have already made their first move in that regard.


The Joelsson brothers have been sharing a great passion for years: gambling and playing video games. Purely for fun, for the kick, for pleasure. At least until 2007, the year that they started to see the potential of the gaming and gambling industry. Initially, they earned a lot of money as gambling affiliates, by promoting various major gambling brands and online casinos.

In 2011 it started to take more serious forms. They were already quite active on streaming platform Twitch, but it was that year that they discovered the rapidly growing casino section. The brothers saw a gap in the market, decided to fully dive into it and managed to transform in no time from amateur gamblers to full-time casino streamers. In the meantime they have put themselves on the map with their brand name “Casino Daddy” and they are one of the best known and most popular YouTube and Twitch casino streamers of this moment.

Streamer type

The men of Casino Daddy focus on streaming and sharing their online gambling adventures with their followers. In particular, their “big win” videos from well-known slots such as Dead or Alive, Reactoonz and Book of Ra are popular. But they don’t only play on online slots. They also regularly play live casino games such as Lightning Roulette, Dreamcatcher and Monopoly Live.

And they may look like sober Swedish boys, just like many other streamers they put a lot of emphasis on expressing emotions. Financially, of course, a must as a streamer; after all viewers want to see that. If you watch their gambling videos, a lot of cheering, swearing and crying moments are discussed, whether or not faked a little.

But all in all they post good gambling content and both their live streams and their YouTube videos are definitely worth watching.


Nowadays everything is about gathering as many followers as possible and the associated income. That full-time casino streamers live partly or sometimes even entirely from advertising income, well… you can hardly blame them: everyone must earn money. Yet it remains difficult to determine the boundary between doing smart business and earning money in a morally responsible manner.

The Swedish brothers have mastered “smart business” in any case. But this, as with many other casino streamers, stings a bit with some followers. That they do a bit of acting, put their “hobby” on the market in an ingenious way and at the same time earn a lot of money as a casino affiliate, is fine in itself. But the hunger for money ensures that (paid) reviews are anything but objective. For example, they promote certain online casinos that – let’s be honest – are anything but trustworthy, purely and simply because they generate the most revenue. They lure their unsuspecting fans with terms such as “top casino bonus, best casino of 2019, etc” to casinos that are known to scam players. The moral is therefore hard to find. You could even argue that this indirectly also makes them complicit. Encouraging people to gamble is one thing, but knowingly and shamelessly making money on the backs of others, knowing that your advice is anything but fair, is a step too far. But okay, that’s how the world works. They are certainly not alone in that respect (all major brands actually do the same). It would therefore be unfair to portray them as scammers. I would say: watch their movies and enjoy them, but be careful when it comes to the promotions and the advice they give.

Below some videos from Casino Daddy:

If you are lucky with online gambling, you can win big:

Beautiful gambling session with a huge win:

That gamblers do not always win shows this video from Casino Daddy:

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